Essential Adapto-GEN - 120 Capsules

We use the highest-quality ingredients available to deliver:

Ashwagandha to support healthy cortisol levels
Turmeric to encourage a healthy response to inflammation and oxidative stress, and to support healthy cellular function.
Cinnamon Bark to support healthy metabolic functions and maintain a healthy immune system.
Holy Basil to promote calmness
Garlic Bulb to support cardiovascular health
Trikatu powder to provide a soothing effect to the body due to inflammation
Triphala optimize body’s detoxification process
Amla to soothe oxidative stress
Sandalwood for its healing and grounding effects
Clove to support cardiovascular health due to its powerful antioxidant benefits
Celery Seed to calm the body and mind, to support the nervous and digestive systems.
Licorice root to soothe digestion
Brahmi leaves to support mental clarity, healthy learning, memory function, and a restful sleep.
Shilajit to help the body manage and balance stress factors.
Cordyceps to support a healthy immune system and to promote normal vascular function, since it possesses free radical scavenging properties.
Lavender to reduce anxious feelings, to promote peaceful sleep, and to help ease feelings of tension.
Peppermint to promote healthy respiratory function, clear breathing and digestive health.

Essential Adapto-GEN is there for us on those days that impact our stress levels and mood.

Serenergy products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or unbalanced mindset or emotions.