Viva Vitality - 60 Capsules

We use the highest-quality ingredients available to deliver:

B Vitamins (B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B7-B9-B12) that help prevent infections, support cell health, growth of red blood cells, energy levels, healthy eyesight, healthy brain function, good digestion, healthy appetite, proper nerve function, hormones and cholesterol healthy levels, cardiovascular health, and muscle tone.
L-Taurine to support the central nervous system, optimize eye health, body’s detoxification process, enhance exercise performance and boost endurance.
Acai to support beauty from within, vitality, longevity, and healthy inflammation levels.
Spirulina, an excellent source of Vitamin A and an enhanced protein nutrient, that provides all the essential amino acids.
Ginseng complex to support energy levels and a healthy immune function.
Rhodiola to support healthy stamina, to help the body cope with stress while optimizing energy and mental focus.
Maca to help enhance strength and endurance, to help the body adapt to stress factors, support hormone balance, and provide natural energy.

VIVA Vitality is there for us on those days where we didn’t get either enough sleep or the best nutrition.

Serenergy products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or unbalanced mindset or emotions.