Bugaway Mist

We use the highest-quality blends available for our Mist Formulas to deliver:

Cedarwood is effective at both killing and repelling insects, since cedar trees naturally produce the oil to protect themselves from bugs and other pests.
Lemongrass naturally repels a great variety of pests, since it discourages insects from biting.
Citronella is a powerful insect repellent since it naturally keeps creepy-crawlers away
Lemon-Eucalyptus is an effective repellent that deters all sorts of biting beasts
Spearmint repels bugs naturally
Cypress is very effective against mosquito larvae
Wild orange kills and repels ants, roaches, fleas and much more.

Our essential oils are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade.

Serenergy products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or unbalanced mindset or emotions.